Mirror PC to TV Instructions (via Chromecast)

1.       Make sure your PC is connect to the ProgressGoogleWiFi network

2.       Turn on the TV and select

           *    Front Conference Room = HDMI4

           *    Back Conference Room = HDMI2

3.       Open Chrome Browser

4.       Select the 3 small dots in upper right corner of Chrome browser and select "Cast"

cast image 1.jpg

5.       Select the drop down arrow next to “Cast to” in the box that shows up (** Note: If you don’t follow these procedures, you will only cast your current chrome tab – not your entire desktop)

cast image 2.jpg

6.      Select “Cast Desktop”

cast image 3.jpg

7.      Select the TV you want to mirror your PC to and BOOM, your desktop should appear on the TV.

cast image 4.jpg