Progress FAQ’s

Click on the header to see details and potentially some fun videos (still working on the videos, but definitely watch the ping pong one).  This is an ever changing list, so check back every so often.

> WiFi

We offer two WiFi networks. The password for both networks is located on the message board next to the front door.

  • ProgressGoogleWiFi - Main WiFi. Provider is Comcast. Printers and other devices are on this WiFi network. It is attached to a google mesh system to seemlessly extend the signal throughout the buildings.
  • ProgressBackupWiFi - Backup WiFi in case main goes down. Provider is CenturyLink.

Why 2? Our goal is to not have one point of failure for the WiFi. Afterall, that is probably the most important thing we provide. Each WiFi is on a different electrical panel and has a battery backup. This means it won't go down with power surges or outages.

> Door Access

We use the August doorlock system, operated via bluetooth on your phone and a keypad on each door. Once setup, you will receive a text asking you to download the August App. Follow the prompts to setup the app and create a profile. Note: Sometimes, after you setup the profile, you have to hit the three horizontal lines at the top left of the app and select HOME. This will list Progress Coworking and then you will see the Front Door.

Bluetooth Option

  • You can swipe (iphone) or drop down (Android) to select the different door.
  • Once connected to bluetooth, it will show the status of the door lock as a large circle (red=locked, green=unlocked).
  • Tapping on the circle will lock or unlock depending on the status.
  • The deadbolt will open after a second or two.
  • The door will auto-lock after 30 seconds, so no need to lock (just make sure the door is closed).

Keypad Option

  • There is a black keypad outside of each door.
  • Enter the unique code given to you when the door was setup.
  • Press the bottom red button after entering the code.
  • The deadbolt will open after a second or two.
  • The door will auto-lock after 30 seconds, so no need to lock (just make sure the door is closed).

Door description definitions

  • Front Door - 2340 (center building) Front Door. Main entrance.
  • Back Door - 2340 (center building) Back Door.
  • Gino Back Door - 2344 (north building) Back Door. Gino is former owner and a badass.

> Office Communications

  • Message Board - Located at the front of the main building with markers on the baseboards. Please use this to ask, communicate, and express yourself.
  • Facebook - Befriend Joe at your own risk and he can add you to our closed Facebook group. It is a great way to communicate with the rest of our members. Biff is a schmuck and rarely on Facebook, so Joe is your best bet here.
  • Privately - Please e-mail, text, or call Joe or Biff if you have any questions. - 317.225.2021 - 720.299.1730

> Stanley Marketplace Discounts

The goal is to help you save money on things you were gonna buy with a client, lunch with a friend, some happy hour drinks, etc.

Here are the discounts you receive by showing your Progress keychain: Food & Beverage:
Logan Coffee House - 10% off
Mr B's Wine & Spirits - 10% off
Rolling Smoke BBQ - $2 off
Sazza Pizza & Salads - 10% off
Stanley Beer Hall - 10% off
Cheluna Beer Hall - 10% off
Glazed & Confused Donuts - 10% off
Maria Empanada - 10% off
Miette Et Chocolat - 10% off
Mondo Market - 10% off
Juniper Pig - 10% off

Other Products & Services:
Semion Barbershop - First haircut free (Ask Joe or Biff for the fee haircut card)
Bounce Gymnastics - 10% off
Happy Ladybug Early Learning Center - 10% off

> Office Cleaning

"The Fuse" Chris does basic cleaning and tidying every Thursday and an in depth clean once a month (weekend). She will be noting in advance on the front message board prior to the monthly weekend cleaning, so you have some advanced knowledge of what to expect. She like to run the vaccum and make noise (the nerve!).

> Trash and Recycle

Trash is picked up weekly in the back alley. Recycle is biweekly in the front (Dayton). Don't worry if the recycle is behind your car, they will still pick it up.

In the office, the black bin to the left of the grey cabinets is landfill and the right black bin is recycle.

We do our best to be sure the office trash and recycle are taken to the bins regularly. If they are full, don't hesitate to let Biff or Joe know. Yes, you are welcome to take them out :) The replacement bags are in the botton cabinets outside the kitchen. Our members rock!

> Thermostats

We have a white Nest thermostat in each building. Everyone has the ability to adjust the temperature as they see fit. Please be respectful to others, but don't hesitate to adjust. The locations:

  • 2336 (south building) - located in the conference room on the east wall past the lockers.
  • 2340 (main building) - located on the outside of the kitchen.
  • 2344 (north building) - located on the left as you enter from the main building.

> Lockers

We do have several lockers for those that need a little extra security for some of their items. This are provided at no charge on a 1st come, 1st serve basis. Please ask Joe or Biff if you would like a locker.

> Hot Desk/Shared Desks

The general rule is if a desk does not have a monitor on it, then it is shared. Don't worry, you really can't make a mistake. If you happen to sit in someone's dedicated space, no one will be upset. We are all friendly!

> Hours

We are a 24/7 shop. Please enjoy the office at all hours as we know your work and distractions still exist outside of 8 to 5.

> Last to Leave?

We ask the last person to leave the office close the blinds and turn off the lights. This allows us to remain 24/7, so thank you!

> Security

We have a camera in the main building (2340). The purpose is not to spy on folks, but to add a level of security in the hours that are less utilized. Don't worry, no alarm will go off on you! However, Joe and Biff are notified in off hours if there is movement. They have the ability to turn on a siren if something looks fishy.

> Water

We currently have bottled water and the machine is next to the beer. Drink it, it's good for you. We are soon replacing the bottles with a filtered system, just fyi.

> Beer

Have at it! Let us know if it is empty. Joe and Biff are odd and don't drink anymore (had our fill, trust me). Of course, that is at the time of typing this, so it is quite possible they are off the wagon by the time you are reading this...

> Snacks

We stock the shelves between the beer and water dispensers. If it is empty for some reason and you need a fix, then the overflow is in the grey cabinets outside the kitchen. Help yourself.

> Refrigerator

The bottom shelf and door of the fridge is the community shelf, so help yourself. We do our best to keep the bottom shelf stocked with La Croix (I still have no idea how to pronounce it).

> Office Supplies/Misc Items

There is an assortment of office supplies in the draws of the gray cabinets outside the kitchen. Help yourself to anything we have. There are batteries, tape, stapler, computer screen wipes, label maker (essential), and other misc. supplies. Let us know if there is something additional you would like us to provide.

We also have some misc. electronic equipment (keyboards, mouse, cords, etc) these gray cabinets. Poke around and hope you find what you are looking for. As always, feel free to ask Joe or Biff if we have something specific.

> Conference Room(s)

We have 2 conference rooms available for team meetings. We encourage our members to use the conference rooms and meet with external colleagues, customers, partners, exc. The use of the conference room is included with all membership levels. We don't have any stipulations on length of time or amount of use, but we do ask our members to be respectful in the amount of use. Thus far, we have had no issues and they have been a great addition!

By popular demand, we are implementing an online scheduling system for the conference rooms (Apparently, there are more high tech ways to manage the scheduling than a white board). Both rooms have chromecast that allows you to mirror your PC to the large monitors. It is relatively easy from a chrome browser (select the three dots in upper right and select cast). Here are some more in-depth instructions.

Conference Room #1: Located in the front of Gino's (new) space (North Building). It is the room with french doors and TV as you walk in from the main space.

Conference Room #2: Located in the back of Gino's space (North Building). The room with french doors and a TV.

To schedule time for these rooms, simply go here. You do not need an account, just simply enter the time and your name in the Title of the meeting.

> Dishes

The dishes are done every Thursday at a minimum. As we grow, coffee mugs are becoming in need. We now have a fancy, new (used), dishwasher. Please place your used dishes in the dishwasher when you are done with them and we will take it from there. Thank you in advance for your assistance!

> Coffee

Mmmmmmm...Coffee. Feel free to make coffee at will. We apologize as Joe and I can't always be there to be sure there is fresh coffee made (aka, we are super lazy). So, if there is no coffee and you would like some, please make a full pot as it will be drank (even if it is Biff the next morning). We have had requests for a larger coffee pot, so we now have a larger coffee urn.

Coffee urn instructions

  • Be careful and make sure the urn is not hot.
  • Rinse out if necessary and fill the urn with about 35 cups of water (lines inside the urn).
  • Place the center metal thing in the filter basket and set in the urn until it fits in the bottom hole (you will know).
  • Grind coffee and fill the plastic filter basket. It does not need to be filled to to the top line. Use your best judgement.
  • Be sure the pot is plugged in and press the button on the wemo device to give it power (it will light up).
  • The coffee will brew for over 30 minutes and the light will come on when ready.

Coffee pot instructions

  • Rinse out the pot and fill to 12 cup line.
  • Pour the water into the back of the coffee machine.
  • Place the pot in place in the coffee machine.
  • Grind coffee (typically the number 8 on the grinder is about the right amount, but it's not a science so use your best judgement).
  • Put a filter (located in basket on shelf below the coffee machine) in the appropriate place.
  • Press the brew button.

> Parking

We are always working on creative ways to create more parking options. We will update as things come about. The current situation is:

Front street parking is fair game.

Please do NOT park in the lot accross the steet. The owner has been known to cut folks off and simply not be nice. We prefer to not do business with him.

We have several spots in the back alley (behind the wood fence). Here are the logistics to get in the backyard. Fence Gate:

  • Code=1289
  • Lower cover on black box to expose combo lock to enter the code.
  • Pull down on black box once code entered and it will unclasp the gate for entry.
  • Please scramble the numbers on the combo lock to a different position once unlocked (after pushing the lock back in place).

> Bike Parking

We love members to ride their bikes. Many live within easy riding distance. Great for the environment, great for a little exercise, great for some fresh air, and great for the ever growing parking.

  • Inside Bike Storage - 6 hooks are located on front wall as you enter the front door. One hook (farthest left) is larger for larger tires. If it is found we need more larger hooks, let us know and we will happily oblige.
  • Outside Bike Storage - 4 bike racks are located inside the back wood fence. Safe and secure for the nice summer days.
  • Bike Pump - Usually located by the coat rack around the corner from the front entrance.

> Coat Racks

We have several hooks on the wall around the corner from the front entrance. There are also hooks on each of the wood pallet cube dividers.

> Music

Like a little music while you work? We have a Sonos sound system that is operated via WiFi and you’re welcome to play the music you love. Anyone on the wifi can download the sonos app and control the speakers (currently one at the front of building and one in back). We try to keep the music playing to assist with noise distribution, but encourage folks to turn it down or off if they prefer. If turning up, please be sure it is not a disruption to other coworkers. We have found the music helps with the sound distribution in the building (i.e. keeps it from flowing throughout the building).

In terms of volume, we ask the lowest common denominator (those wanting the volume the lowest) have most priority. If you have any suggestions on how to better manage the music and volume, we are open to ideas.

The basics (these assume sonos app has been downlaoded and you select to connect to existing system):

  • Music Station- It is currently setup to play certain stations every 2 hours. However, this can be overridden by you at any time via the app. Each speaker can play different music or all the same. Select "rooms" on the app, then group, then select the speakers you would like to add or remove from the grouping.
  • Volume - The volume can be controlled by using the volume buttons on your phone or via the app. The volume on each speaker can be changed individually, allowing you to only increase or decrease the ones closest to you or all of them together.

If further assistance is necessary to control the music, please ask. We will do our best to help.

> Printing

We have two simple WiFi printers and you’re welcome to use them free for the occasional small print job. Once on the ProgressGoogleWiFi, add a network printer and both should be found.

  • HP Office Jet Pro 8710 - Color printer located outside the conference room. This printer also scans (see "Scanning" FAQ).
  • Brother HL-L2340 - Black and white laser printer located on the bookshelf by the couches.

> Scanning

The scanner is included in the printer outside the conference room.

Single Page

  • Place the paper face down on the scanner bed.
  • In a browser, go to
  • Select Start Scan in bottom right
  • This will scan and create a PDF you can save.

Multiple Pages

  • Place the document(s) in the tray on top, face up
  • In a browser, go to
  • Select ADF under Document Source (defaults to glass)
  • Select Start Scan in bottom right
  • This will scan and create a PDF you can save.

> Mail Service

We have found the mail service in our location to be sporadic, so we don't currently offer inbound or outbound mail and/or packages.

Here are some close options:

  • United States Postal Service, 1550 Dayton St, Aurora, CO 80010 - 5 blocks south of Progress.
  • FedEx Office Print & Ship Center, 3545 Quebec St Suite 117, Denver, CO 80207
  • The UPS Store, 3700 Quebec St Ste 100, Denver, CO 80207

> Ping Pong and Foosball

Some say Ping Pong and Foosball are cliche. Well, we love our Ping Pong and Foosball. It not only provides a break from the computer screen, but provides a platform for members to meet and have some fun. We are working on ways (mostly from sound) to not have it be bothersome to others that are actually working. The table will likely be outside soon (Just FYI for those that may hate it).

One Request: Please do not yell and be respectful of others.
Enjoy the video. We are in the midst of a lawsuit with Chad.

> Wanna get involved?

Interested in giving new member tours?
Wanna help us organize member events?
Feel like cooking us some food for 1st Friday?

We love to get our members involved. If you have any interest in any of the above mentioned items -or- have ideas of your own, give Joe or Biff a shout!

> Get to know other Members

  • Introduce yourself - We take pride in our members. Please don't hesitate to say hi to anyone and introduce yourself. We do our best to introduce folks, but sometimes fall short. Do it!
  • 1st Fridays - The 1st Friday of every month, we provide food. Usually lunch, but sometimes breakfast. We mix it up and it is a fun time. *Mici's Monday - The 3rd Monday of every month, the Stapleton Scoop (aka Joe), provides 3 large pizzas from Mici's. 1st come 1st serve, but as we grow, we will order more.
  • Happy hour - We have not had many of these, but would love to have more. Suggestions? Wanna organize one?

> Suggestions/Complaints/General Comments

We love feedback, good and bad. The only way to fix things is to know a problem exists, so please let us know. Of course, don't hesitiate to let us know how awesome we are as I wives seem to have forgotten (it's the only explanation). Use any of the communication options noted under the "Office Communications" section.

> Like what we are doing?

If you like Progress and what it is about, leave us a review! We are member driven and appreciate letting others know about us. If you have any concerns, we would appreciate handling those personally. All concerns will be handled descretely and privately, so don't hesitate to address with Joe and Biff. We would prefer to know of any concerns so we can address immediately.

To leave a review, simply click on the links below: