Why Not?


We could tell you we have a mission statement to become the “best in class” co-working community set out to serve the needs of the NE Denver community…but that may be a bit of a stretch.

The truth is Biff and I were out on a jog one day in NW Aurora and we were talking about the great potential for this area to develop into something cool.  With nearby amenities like Stapleton, Eastbridge town center, Stanley Marketplace, a rec center, a 25 acre park, a light rail stop and a medical campus with 50,000 employees all close by we figured this area was bound to improve.  We talked about maybe buying some property over here but I’m sure we both figured the idea would go nowhere.  (that’s the destination of most of our ideas…thankfully).  Not 30 seconds later we spotted a “for sale by owner sign” on the window of a boarded up spray painted building….we called to investigate.  

Fast forward a few months down the road and we were the owners of a blighted building in Aurora…now what?  We believed in the upside of the area but what were we going to do with the building?  

How about coworking?  We need a place to get out of the house and work (3 kids does not equal a productive work in environment!) so maybe others in the area need the same thing.  There didn’t seem to be a lot of convenient and affordable options for people who work remotely.  Biff's response...."Why Not?"

We did a very quick renovation, put out a blog post and found 7 coworkers to jump in and join us!  After running the office for a year we found we really liked it and wanted to expand to meet the needs of our community.  We blew it open, made it larger and added offices, nooks, respectable furniture and more.  We’re now looking to expand our coworking community to fit the new space.  

It’s a great spot if you need a place to work that’s quiet, has plenty of outlets, 24/7 access, is affordable and has good people to chat with when you’re ready for a break.

Is it perfect?  Not even close…but it’s progress!  Come join us on the adventure.

Joe & Biff